About Our Silver


Cylver – Cymatized Colloidal Silver Our colloidal silver is made in small batches (1.5 to 2L at a time) while the sun activity is down to a minimum… our generator is able to test the water quality in advance and provides a consistent stable product free of impurities (colloid master AC)  We use low voltage alternating current, producing a stable product with long shelf life.  Our silver is a light golden colour and varies around 18-40ppm which is a stable, safe and effective concentration of ionic silver particles as a suspended colloid.

We use only .9999 pure silver diodes, pure distilled water (tested for purity), and a sealed glass receptacle to ensure a clean end product.  We have spent many years researching various silver colloid products and manufacturing practices to ensure this product meets or exceeds all recommended standards for stability of the colloid and shelf life.

During colloid creation the product is constantly vibrated using the vibrations in the frequency of 528hz (recorded in studio directly from a tuning fork). Vibrating the colloid during production ensures a clear, clean colloid with small particles.  It prevents large particulate from releasing into the product. We also feel it creates a vibrational field within our Cylver of love and healing.  Of course, there is no scientific basis for that statement. 😉 The final step is to triple micro-filter the finished colloidal silver to ensure product purity.

We offer the product in recyclable plastic PET spray bottles or in amber glass bottles in 4oz, 6oz and 8oz sizes and resealable glass canning jars in 16oz. Contact us about our wholesale pricing and bulk orders.

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